Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's been a while since I posted anything.  I see I need a new picture of the Grandkids, there is 2 missing.  Have 14 now.  Another one turns 10 season   and joined us on his first offical dove hunt.  Not many birds this year but it was fun.  We have a deer hunt on his actual birthday in November.  Tanner got his first deer last year on my tag....grandfathers can give grandsons their tags in Arizona....and since he was not drawn but Noah and I were, will get mine again this year.  It is way more enjoyable watching them than actually shooting another deer myself.  Darin and David were bear and deer hunting today.  Saw 2 bear at 1200 yards.  Missed.  Darin already got his bear this year.

Noah's first offical Dove
Deanna is now on speaking terms with the Javlina and shooting terms with the rattlers.  She hasn't really expressed her opinion about the bob cats that frequent the yard.  As long as they leave her Cardinals alone, I think they are safe.