Saturday, August 21, 2010

Payson Rodeo

Yesterday everyone went to the Rodeo in Payson but I had to stay home to work. Dee was disappointed but went without me. I finished up early and got a ride up with David. I decided NOT to tell Dee I was coming. Technically I never lied to her. I told her I was going to find some cute, Hot girl and go to dinner. Can you pick out the one I took to dinner?

Karsyn, Braxton, Zandi and Nate Perkins Daughter with Jodi's Brother Jeremy

Darin and Ryker Nate and Macy Jo

Dan and Cozie


Mutton Busters Graham and Zane...They both rode....briefly! Graham got pretty good air time.

Watch Doni's blog for her photographic art of this event.

Hand's down, the cutest and hottest cowgril there....I did get her to come home with me again.....for the past 40+ years

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oregon Trip

I went on a "business trip" to Oregon with two really good friends, Steve Stanly and Lon Sidel. Lon and I have the same business and he "needed" help at a big FMCA rally in Redmond. Although the pictures don't show it, we really did the show...all three days. We stayed at a house right on the river with deer visiting daily. I took this pic from the couch in the den. Deanna kept asking why I was on HER dream vacation without her. She wasn't buying the work line at all. I dismissed it until I walked up to his spot on the river. Easy access and could not be more beautiful...exactly the way she likes it. By the way, this is what Oregon considers "HIGH DESERT". For some reason they do not distinguish between cactus needles and pine needles. A hint: Cactus needles are NOT green!

Steve tells me he stood in this spot once for 6 hours casting a fly into the same pool! I fished for about 5 minuets then sat under a tree and just enjoyed watching the river go by. He did catch one little one...and released it. Oregon is a great place to be in August. Before I left Phoenix I literally melted the soles off 2 pair of shoes working on pavement that was 167 deg. It felt like the dead of winter to me there! On the way home I spotted some black berries beside the road, so we stopped for lunch. Apparently there is some kind of rule that you have to eat as much as you pick to put in the bucket. I was worried about it but evidenty you cannot overdose on Blackberries. We started the trip gathing blueberries that were growing everywhere. You can't OD on them either. If anyone wants to fly to the area, don't overlook flying to Eugene from Mesa Williams Airport. Tickets are less than $100 round trip.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Escaping the Heat

Left to Right: Ty, Tori, Graham, Zane, Noah, Tanner, Braxton, Zandi, Cozette (Karsyn, Ryker and Cooper couldn't make the trip). It was just to hot to stay in the valley yesterday and I had a quick errand to run in Prescott so Daniel, Doni, David, Sweetie and I headed off to the cool mountains via the back way through Walnut Grove and a delightful creek for the kids to play in for a while. Sweetie got a little nervous when a magnificant huge black Angus Bull walked up to her holding Tori at the creek. He got within 4 ft. He probably never saw anything bigger than himself so nothing seemed to threaten him. I told Sweetie to just sit still and he passed on by. My theory is why run, I can't outrun anything any way so why try? After we left the creek we went inI to Prescott where the kids all visited the candy store. Everything was really great.....except for Zane gettiing car sick and throwing up about 10 minuits from home. Uncle Daniel had to make a late night trip to his old office to clean the seats, but it was no real biggie. Doni had her camera with her and got some great shots down at the creek which I imagine will show up on her blog soon.