Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Tree

My cousins, Ron and Becky Zuercher from Missouri and my Sister Annette Kacaleck are visiting this week. We have been going through old family albums setting things straight in our history. One teriffic aid for the relatives of Anna (Unfried) Zimmermann is her great nephew, Denny Unfired's family history sight. It has all the Unfireds and a lot of Zimmermann pictures and genology. Ron is working on a Zuercher site. Check out the home page for Unfrieds at:

The Zimmermann side is the upper right side of the picture

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making Deals with Children...

When David was 3 He begged to go hunting with his older brother Dan and Me. He was to little to keep up so I told him when he was big enough to climb to the top of the swing (15') he could go. Unknown to me he worked on climbing to the top every day. In a matter of a couple weeks he took me by the hand, led me outside and said WATCH! He went straight up the rope without the smallest hesitation. ON returning to the earth he announced: "NOW I GET TO GO HUNTING!" He did and never slowed us down. You would think I would have learned but when he was 15 he asked if he could afford a truck, could he get one? I agreed and of course HE DID! Used it to start his own business. With the same determination he got his truck, he got his EMT, Fireman, Paramedic, Engineer and Captain positions...all doing the things he loves to do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Always Wins

This Picture reminds me of my college days. This is my Senior year! I know I look young becasue I was only 20 when it was taken. I went to college on a Tennis Scholarship....haven't played since. I managed to get my degree in 3 years because I really wanted to marry Deanna and move on in ministry. Dee and I were newly weds and it was a great season of life. I've learned a lot of lessons since then but none greater than the lesson taught in Tennis.


Monday, April 12, 2010

More Dino? pics

I added the remaining pictures I took with my cell phone becasue some professionals are viewing them to determine what they might be. First guess was IF it is the remains of something it is just the tail, but that was just the first impression of an expert. We may even get to go on a field trip with an expert to see what it is....OK I did not tell anyone exactly where it was becasue I want to take them to it. Even if it is just an odd natural formaton it will still be fun. I gathered from our brief conversation that this type of thing, IF REAL is fairly rare for this part of the country. Since my grandkids are home schooled it will be a science field trip for them. I guess Doni and I will have to come out of the closet offically as OLD EARTH (vrs Young earth). I know many readers of this blog beleive God created the earth in six litteral 24 hour days even thought the scripture does not really say that. The evidnece here (if it is real) and elsewhere demonstrate that creation came over a LONG period of time but in the same order as described in Genesis. IF this is a very ancient bone, I have no theological argument with it at all. Anyway, when I take the Grand kids to see it....which Brooke is insisting we do soon... I will tell them that God did indeed create all we see but probably not in 6 days. This could still all be nothing but it does represent something that is real. If anyone else is interested I will post the gps coordinates AFTER the experts have had a chance to determine what, if anything they want to do about looking into it further. Deanna is having a little fun with me on this. She has already named this new species of critter after me. She calls it a zimmerawesomeness. Brooke thought a saurous ending might be more fitting.

Desert Dino?

A bunch of us were fishing yesterday at a local lake and while walking by a sandstone cliff I saw what looked like the fossil remains of something really big. it was over 7' long and was shaped exactly like a spinal column. I have no idea if it is just a freak natural rock formation or a real dino bone. IF it is a dino bone would anyone care? It may have just been uncovered by the recent rains. Any thoughts? The pictures are from my cell phone so not great but you can get the idea. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The fishing finally improved

Aimee had to wade across in neck deep water to get to this spot. It took her until midnight to thaw out, but it was worth it.
Monday Afternoon we finally caught up with the fish we were looking for. We ended up with over 150 lbs (50 3lb to 5lb). They should be around for a while and we hope to stock up. This is only part of the group we caught.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Religious or Relationship?

On Easter we all gathered out at Pat and Dawn Morris' for a great celebration. It was something like the 30th year we have done this and it was wonderful again. This time there was about 125 gathered. Pat led us with a really great communion toast, a few remembered Him together in small groups as they brok bread together. I saw some healing, come growing, some service and a ton of love all afternoon. The children played, Pat shot people with a water gun...and a rattler with something more potent, the men played washers and a fribie game all afternoon. Everyone laughed, loved and celebrated what a life in Christ lived in fellowship is all about. If you are reading this you were probably there, if you missed it...sorry. We missed you to. That got me to thinking abut how different the religion of Christianity is from the reality of a life lived in relationship. Wayne Jacobsen http://lifestream.org/bodylife.php?blid=57 asked these questions in a Body Life Article. See if you are living in relationship or Religion.

• When God is a distant concept to you instead of a real presence.
• When you find yourself following another man, woman, or a set of principles instead of following Jesus.
• When fear of eternity, not measuring up, or falling into error drives your actions.
• When you find yourself in empty rituals that do not connect you in a real way to him.
• When you are burdened by the expectations of others and feel guilty when you can't do enough.
• When you look at others who struggle with contempt instead of compassion.
• When the approval of others means more to you than remaining in the reality of his love.
• When you hesitate to be honest about your doubts or struggles because others will judge you.
• When you think of holiness as an unachievable duty, rather than a glorious invitation.
• When you think righteousness depends on your efforts instead of his grace working in you.
• When following him is more about obligation than affection.
• When correcting someone's doctrine is more important than loving them.
• When God seems more present on Sunday morning, than he does on Monday.

What do you think? Is it a religion or relationship for you?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cousin Ray finds one again!

If you ever feel really dumb or do something really dumb, watch Cousin Ray's blog today. You will feel like a genious in comparison to this congressman from Georgia. Just click it.