Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just for fun

I know I said I would never edit a picture, but I am waiting for Dee to hang up some cloths and was messing around with photosmart buttons becasue Doni's pictures are so cool. The top picture is the enhanced version which really brings out the smoke from the fires in California. A while back I told you about my beach bum father. This was the beach he loved. Everytime I return here I rememer how he used to take me to the outside break and turn me lose on a canvas surf mat. I was never scarred even though I was a preschooler who could not swim! I totally trusted my father and lived inside his dream, which was way better than anything I could do on my own. I wish I trusted my heavenly Father now in the deep waters and rushing waves of life as simply and purely as I trusted my earthly father back then. His answer would be the same as dad's when I asked why he put me at such risk at such an early age. "I never let you get hurt". He didn't. It was exciting and wonderful being with my father doing what he and I loved to do. It is really the same thing now. As I concentrate and remember the depth of His Love for me, my trust grows and we can truly enjoy what others shrink away from in fear. I want to ride those waves of life with the same confidence and excitent now that I had back then. How do you want to live life?


heidi jo said...

ah! you've discovered the joys of editing! :) fun fun fun!

i imagine jason doing with seth what your dad did with you and it makes me want to hyperventilate. :) Thank the Lord you stayed safe and he used it to teach you something beautiful.

Doni Brinkman said...

See there? I told you it was fun. :)