Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinner Time

I thought I would share two things with you. First, this is what a meal is supposed to look like. Deanna made if for me the other night and it was to incredible to just eat and it did taste at least as good as it looked. The Asparagus was fresh, baby carrots grilled, the potatoes were great, although from a box, but I don't care about that and the fresh mushrooms sauteed over the chicken was perfect. She has been preparing these kind of meals for me for almost 40 years. Do you see why I hate to eat out? No res truant can match my wife's cooking, never have, never will. I still take her out quite often, she seems to enjoy it and there is only the two of us now so it makes sense. I could talk about her cooking, countless cookbooks and incredible meals, but I have a second thought. It a little stretch, but in the same ballpark. Why do you think God gave the children of Israel manna every day in the wilderness and why did it not last overnight? Was it to give them something to do for 40 years or was there a greater point. He could have made it last longer, like camels milk which will store at room temperature for 2 years...really. Or he could have it multiply in the bowl like the widows grain. What he did was make them pick it up daily, except on Friday when they collected double and it kept all sabbath. What was the point? They needed the food and they knew they needed it and there was NO OTHER SUPPLY to be had. Even though they grumbled about it, deep down they must have been grateful. Since scripture is for our instruction I'm thinking the point, at least in part, was for us to remember that we must DAILY seek nourishment for our souls from Him. I seldom go a day without eating but do skip meals fairly often. Usually when I leave the house in the AM and am gone all day, I will not eat at all until I get home. By evening I am feeling it with some very specific signs. Truth be told, when I skip my time with the Lord in the morning, the same thing happens to my soul. I need a daily diet of his word and fellowship to stay healthy. It doesn't have to be a huge meal, but I must take time to "eat". Most mornings when I take the time to see what the Lord has prepared for me I find a feast that fuels the soul for the day. I appreciate the fact that you read this blog but I am not nearly the Cook Father is. Make sure you spend time with Him FIRST.


Ray and Janell said...

Your wife cooks like my wife. That is why we are so ... chubby.

Aimee said...

I need to come back home for a week. Mommy i need you.

Doni Brinkman said...

Show off. :)

Wonder how long it took those desert wanders to stop worrying about whether the manna would be there in the morning.