Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stop Resisting

Today we celebrate the most important event in our nations history, the official date of our freedom from what the founding fathers felt imprisoned their souls, if not their bodies. To live free of the consequences of the decisions made in Europe, we established a pretty good republic that, to date, has avoided what the originators were fleeing from. Our president, whose youthful opinions were not formed in this country, is trying to get us to return to a more European style of democracy. It seems natural for him because of the imprinting of his youth, but it might do him well to remember that we are a country of resisters...and proud enough of it so show off our colors once a year. If he is indeed sincere in his efforts, our resistance is confusing to him, he only wants what he believes is in our best national interest. A lot of us would beg to differ on what is in our best interest. Thomas Jefferson predicted that when America got into the position it now is in, it would be wise to consider another revolution. I seriously doubt that will happen the way it did back then, nor do I think it would likely do any good. Any revolution we have must be at the polls...and I pray the poll results are honest. The heartland of America will resist in some form or another, even if it seems like resistance is futile and I would count myself in that group. Unfortunately I all to often find myself resisting where I should never resist. I should be in absolute cooperation because there is no doubt about the intentions of our leader. William Law, a founding father of the faith said in 1750:

That which God is doing towards the new creation of us, had its beginning before the foundation of the world. "In Christ Jesus,"saith St. Paul, "we were chosen before the foundation of the world"; the same as saying, that God out of his great mercy, had chosen to preserve a seed of the WORD and SPIRIT of God in fallen man, which through the mediation of a God incarnate, should revive into that fullness of stature in Christ Jesus, in which Adam was at first created. And all this work of God towards a new creation, is by that same essential operation of God in us, which at first created us in his image and likeness. And therefore nothing belongs to man in it, but only to yield himself up to it, and not resist it.

May God Continue to Bless America. the shack study guide

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