Sunday, November 15, 2009


Jeff was my best friend. He survived Viet Nam as a chopper pilot and was shot down by a hunter while on an early morning mercy flight in Germany! Between His tour in Viet Nam and Germany he stayed with Dee and I for a couple of days. We spent all night looking at his pictures of Viet Nam, taken from the air and of the mountain people he spent time with in a ministry he supported in Nam while on duty. He would use his TDY time to go to get the missionaries supplies for their work in the middle of a war zone! Before he left my house he gave me my first camera, the one he used in Viet Nam, a really nice Petri with three Lenses! He gave it to me because, as he said "here, you could never afford this"! I couldn't. That camera went every where with me when Doni was a child. Maybe that's where she first got bitten by the shutter bug. The day I got the news Jeff was gone, a piece of me left forever. I don't know how long it takes for some pain to go away. I only can say 38 years isn't enough. But there is a lot of pride for who he was and what he did too. Jeff, I love you man, always did, always will. See you soon as I finish here.


Doni Brinkman said...

:( Never knew that's where you got your nice camera from.

heidi jo said...

you honor jeff well