Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leading or Blinding?

Ryker was with me the other day and to amuse him, I gave him a small flashlight to play with. Toddlers love flashlights! What do you think was the first thing he did with it? That's right, he shined it straight in my eyes! Of course I knew he would do that, all toddlers do that. To be honest, I've done it myself....recently. I like the really big mega lights. My newest one is 20m candle power. It lights up the hillside half a mile behind the house. To demonstrate it's mega power I have put it briefly in one of my sons eyes. It won't hurt them because no one will look into it. I have used lights for years for home protection. It works better than a gun. Kids sometimes will park in my drive about 100 yards away to do whatever it is teens do in the middle of the night. A quick blast of light and they bug out. Funny, Ryker never did use the light the way it was intended to be used. He actually was never in the dark to need it, but he sure loved shining it in every one's eyes. Typical toddler. I have noticed something about believers along this line. When God shows them a new truth they just can't resist shining the light in someone else's eyes! Wouldn't it be a lot better to use the new light to light up the path in front and let others follow the light when they were ready? To often well meaning believers actually blind rather than bringing others into the light. How do you use your light?


Doni Brinkman said...

Very good lesson indeed. :)

Brooke said...

Love it dad! Hey I posted the gardening stuff on my blog.

heidi jo said...

ooooo... love this insight!