Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations Brittany....again

So far this year Brittany has tagged a Deer and Javlina (on the same day) in January, A husband in February and now a record class Arizona Black bear in May! (She also shot a nice ram and some hogs in Texas, but that was last fall) She shot this monster on a hunt with new hubby Josh on a hunt this weekend . Josh got a smaller Cinnamon phase black bear with his bow earlier in the hunt. This bear weighed in at over 400 lb and stands around 6'6" tall. Record skulls start at 18" and this one is 20+. His neck is 37" around! She used a 300 Supermag at 78 yards to kill it near instantly, dropping it almost in its tracks. For those who don't know, VERY FEW women, or men for that matter can or will handle the 300 supermag. It is about a big a gun as you can hand hold and fire....and Brittany is barely bigger than the gun! I suspect she will add a few more before the year is over. Lord willing a bunch of us will be going to New Jersey to hunt Whitetails with cousin Derold this fall. No doubt Cousin Derold will put her on another monster! Anyway, Congratulations guys!


shannondale said...

great job girl that is a huge bear!

heidi jo said...

alright brit - you are WAY cooler than i am hunting with your hubby. but no more bears please! :( he's too perty and i bet he doesn't taste very good anyway. ;)

Ray and Janell said...

i can't wait for new jersey this fall!!