Monday, June 7, 2010


I stole this off of Doni's blog.
Lately I have been trying to really curtail my driving and talking on my cell phone without the headset. I used to think I was doing just fine but when I really stopped to watch myself I found I had inadvertently developed a really bad that could be very costly. I noticed that talking on the phone was no big deal....but dialing was taking more of my attention than was safe. Even though I held the phone right in front of me where I could see out the windshield I was really watching the phone and glancing out the windshield. At freeway speed you can go a long way while dialing a couple numbers between glances. I have speed and auto dialing but that to is fairly distracting if the freeway traffic suddenly stops in front of you. Anyway, I am seriously trying to curb by dialing addiction. I place the call before I take it out of park and then with my really cool Bose headset I can talk all I want or listen to a download podcast without ever taking my eyes off the road. Now that I am getting that down to a routine I plan to work on another big problem I have that is similar. I tend to Watch the world and Glance at Jesus. I need to totally tune into Jesus so when I do glance at the world it will not be so distracting or dangerous to my soul.


songgirl52 said...

I think it is safe to say we all need to do more than Glance at God in this fast paced world. Great reminder for us all!

heidi jo said...

sigh... hitting home again.