Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mom's Accident

Sorry this is so late, but I just got the data cable to download pics to my computer from my new phone.

Last Thursday a very excited friend of mom's came banging on the door yelling that mom had fallen and was hurt. Sure enough, mom had driven down to the trash and bent over to pick up a nail off the ground, losing her balance and falling/rolling behind the trash can. Her friend did not see her on the way up the driveway but went looking for her when she could not find her in her apartment. Mom fell at 9 AM and was not found until 9:40. Fortunately it was a warm morning. The Fire Dept. crew loaded her into an ambulance at 10:30 for her ride to the hospital. Tests revealed a broken hip...but not pelvis. Emergency surgery the next afternoon replaced the top of the femur where it enters the socket. She came through the surgery well and is now in a rehab center about 20 minuets from the house. We are expecting her to be there a couple of weeks, hopefully no more. When she comes home she will not return to her apartment immediately. She will stay with Dee and I in the main house where she and Poppy lived for a couple of years before we built the apartment. It was always the plan to have mom live with us at some point. Only the Lord knows if this it the time. Thanks for your prayers and concern for her.

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