Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hereafter

The older I get the more spiritual I become. My mind is constantly wondering about the here after. Just today I found myself wandering from room to room thinking “what am I here after”? Usually I spot it and remember but sometimes I just give up hoping it will reveal itself again some time in the future. Eventually I will need whatever it was I was looking for and start in search of it again. That is not really so different from what we are talking about. Why on earth did God create us in the first place? What was the point, the purpose? We are pretty certain we have some things clear but there seems to be something eluding us that would tie all the pieces together, but what?

Reverse engineering what went wrong from God’s point of view, (and again assuming He is the creator/sustainer) should give us a good idea of what will fix our problems. The Big question, why am I here? Before we ask reverse engineer and ask God, let’s reason it out, what are the possibilities? The probabilities? Later we will contrast the reasoned ideas with the revealed idea.
Possibility #1 God made man to serve him. I hear a lot of really nice religious people say that. It sounds like what nice religious people should say and maybe even believe. My response: You’ve got to be kidding, ME? I am a lousy servant, and to be honest I do not like the idea of being anyone’s servant It sounds a little to close to being a slave to me and no thanks, I’ll pass. Our black brothers have not been slaves for 150 years and they are still ticked off about it and I don’t blame them one bit. It was a rotten thing to do, a really lousy idea that didn’t work out well for anyone. If my primary purpose is to serve God why can’t I do any of the way cool stuff his other servants do? He says he has angles, seraphim, powers, principalities and all sorts of really powerful and wonderful beings surrounding him constantly doing all his bidding. Some even keep track of us and protect us. I wonder if I have a special guardian angel assigned to me or do they work in shifts? Boy does he have some stories to tell! Gabriel and Michael are two especially powerful servants who even do hand to hand combat with the devil. While I may serve God because he is God and I am not, if serving was my chief end, I am really not equipped very well to do it. It just does not sound like my primary purpose in the greater scheme of things. (Did I just hear you call me a heretic again? I guess is should get used to it. If your gonna get upset reading my ponderings go brew yourself some nice tea and calm your nerves. I hear chamomile is good for soothing the nerves. I promise things are going to get a lot worse! If you are fond of the idea of slavery be my guest…but I bet your no better at it than I am. :)
The agnostics have a version that is interesting: They suggest that IF there is a god and If he did create us we cannot know it. He does not show it and he lost interest a long time ago the speculate.. We are on our own. If you ever ask one of these types over for dinner, don’t bother asking what he would like to eat, he will never know for sure. Just fix what you like, you would never make him happy anyway. I think these are the same guys who invite all the ants to the picnic. Like Eor, if their tail fell off, don’t bother putting it back on, it will probably fall off again anyway. My reaction: My personality just can’t go here. These people just drive me crazy. They are hoping that God will be like the local police and excuse them for speeding because they were not sure what the posted speed limit is so they made up their own. Did you ever see Ferris Buelers Day Off? The teacher is calling role, Bueler, Bueler, in the most deadpan, mind-numbing boring tone imaginable. He is the same guy who does the red eye beach ball ads on tv. Besides the fingernails on the chalkboard effect they have on my personality, these types have miss some logical stuff. He is the creator/sustainer. This place cannot be on total autopilot. We would have destroyed it a long time ago. It only makes sense to me that if God created it, he would be interested in it and see it all the way through. (if you happen to consider yourself and agnostic and I have not totally insulted you, please just consider that I am the one with the problem, not you. God Loves you just as you are. I want to love you too, I just don’t do as well with people who can not make a decision. In retrospect, all this seems a little hyper critical and hypocritical since the whole point of this blog is to try to figure out whatever it is that went wrong. You are fully entitled to your questions too. I was wrong. Sorry. Will you forgive me? I guess I could have just erased my judgmental tirade but God already read it and forgave me so I figured you might as well know the real me, not the edited version. Pretty scary uh? At least maybe you can feel free to be you too.

The Big Bangers see absolutely no reason for us to be here at all. We simply are the result of some quarks and or Higgs/bothems (they are sub atomic particles that make up an atom and just simply exist for no known reason) traveling through the limitless reaches of empty space an super collider speed with no know power source colliding head on (assuming something that small has a head) and exploding spontaneously creating all the matter that makes up the universe. Over eons of time on some cooler rock an electoral shock of unknown source and power struck a slime pit that somehow turned the dead slime into a living cell. Eons later the slime evolved, crawled out of the pit, continued to evolve, and my favorite part, decided that cellular division for procreation was no fun therefore separating into male and female with the appropriate and compatible paraphernalia and accompanying abilities to produce what we now know as humans. All this was a COSMIC JOKE. And yes, I am laughing but not at what they are laughing at and no I did not make any of this up, it is really what they teach in our schools…honest.

So why do you believe you are here?


Doni Brinkman said...

Dad you are so edgy hee hee. I, for one, appreciate your honesty because you always leave room for mine. It has always been wonderful to have a Father who is not "rocked" by my spewings or opinions and gives me freedom to just say it how it is. I love that about you and other people do to. As for your question...I believe I am here to give God glory as that is the chief end of man but I am not exactly sure how that all works out in a day:).

Doni Brinkman said...

Dad wrote me a private note asking me how I planned on doing that - thought I would answer here so others can participate in the conversation (Heidi LOL). So the question was how will I give God glory? See - therein lies the rub doesn't it? :) You have me cornered now. Hee hee. To be honest, I don't know. In times past I think I would have made a mental note of all the things that I believe DOES give God glory and then I would make an effort to do those things (and I did). But now, I am realizing that the minute I write MY list and apply MY effort - I end up right back where I started. So somehow I have learn to live in the "being" instead of the "doing". All the while, hoping that the "being" produces fruit that has no agenda, wasn't self seeking or self serving, and was just being an open vessel to let Christ live out His life in me. I guess the point is...I can't "do" that. He has to. So what happens next? I keep wanting to give a "doing" answer - don't know how to avoid it. I am still working this out Dad. This really plunges into the deepest wells doesn't it?

heidi jo said...

ok... the give God glory piece was one of my first thoughts too :) but i don't think there is one answer alone, do you? i think it is very multifaceted... like why do we get married, or have kids, or choose a vocation, or live in a certain place... many things make up the answers to those and many other questions.

one facet comes to mind that i can relate to... HE is the CREATOR (nice lead in for THAT discussion in later post, by the way :) big bang vs creation that is)... ever notice how creative-types just HAVE to create? it doesn't always even have to have a purpose - well, not a FUNCTIONAL or finite purpose. sometimes the purpose is simply the enjoyment of color, of doing, of CREATing, of expressing, of putting yourself 'out' there on paper, in photography, on a canvas or sidewalk or in the architecture of a building, a new model of a car or a new way to use electronics - sometimes functional and sometimes just fun... sometimes the pure joy of creating is enough. (see the photos of Seth with his sidewalk chalk turned mud and later run through his hair... it was the joy of the process that he loved... he didn't even PLAN the end result... he just enjoyed). Now, that certainly isn't meant to imply the Creator of all life didn't have a plan - I think the planning down to finite details is quite obvious so we'll leave that as a given. :) But could it be that part, just PART of the bringing Him glory was the joy of the Creator ENJOYing the creatING and knowing He was expressing who HE is in every bit of creation... and THUS bringing glory to His name?

which lead me full circle - how do i do MY part in bringing Him glory? well, there are many tiny specific answers that relate directly to me... but in the grand scheme of the entire universe, just as doni touched on, my BEING brings Him glory and JOY - He rejoices over ME with singing - simply because He created me - and again because I love Him in return... but the delight was there just because i am here. I think He was downright happy with Himself when He saw His creation come to life, don't you? Seth was sure giddy with excitement to see what he looked like with orange and purple chalk-mud spiked up hair. :)

Sidenote - I think the Shack did a GREAT job of giving a visual to the idea that God loves me just because I'm His creation... He IS INDEED specially fond of me. :)

PapaZ said...

Heidi jo
Does the infinite, all knowing, eternal God PLAN? Does he weigh and consider options, dry run potential outcomes? If so, what does it mean to be I AM? If He does not need to plan like we do what does it mean for my life? I l liked it better when you lived with us. I miss looking into those beautiful eyes.

heidi jo said...

GOOD QUESTION! I have an initial thought and an afterthought but first the compliment must not go unnoticed. :) Thank you. I miss you ALL too... what would it take to move the ENTIRE clan East? I know they won't go unless you go first. So, what's the hold up? :) :) :)

Back to business... at first I thought - AH! Good question - philospher PapaZ asks good questions... My general thought was that He PLANNED in terms of design... it is clearly well-thought out (in our terms) though I get what you mean. What is well-thought out for me is timeless for Him - can a split second even count in the greatness of His ability what seems a million lifetimes for me?

In terms of human timelines, I do believe He does plan - that fine balance between His stepping into the picture with Divine intervention and free will. (I wonder if in eternity I'll be able to wrap my mind around that one.) I think of His word in Jeremiah 29:11... "For I know the PLANS I have for you" - there is some kind of plan for each and every one of us... for His entire mass of humanity as a whole and yet for an individual too... for the world... for the future... for history to come. There couldn't be prophecy without some kind of plan - right?

But no doubt HIS kind of planning is far beyond my comprehension. After all, I'm 6 days and counting down from having to leave the house I'm in... the PLAN was to have a house to go to, weeks ago! Our best-laid plans have left us wondering if I WILL be living with you again come next week. :) And yet God already knows exactly where I'll be.


There are times I'm tempted not to answer at all because your knowledge and wisdom far exceed mine... that prideful thing of not wanting to look dumb might crop up now and again too - especially in a public forum. :) But I know PERSONALLY the Grace you carry and while on some questions you ask here, you have the answer in mind already... if I don't take the bait I risk not diving into the personal experience to learn and grow. And I want it to be PERSONAL. I don't want to sit back and watch these conversations and enlightenments occur. So, I'll risk the mistakes to speak up. (And I hope others will too... let's ALL take the risk! Imagine the possibilities if we do! :) Lights will be coming on all over the world as hearts and minds 'get it' with something new and precious to us but timeless with HIM.) :)

Gosh PapaZ, it's been too long. I'm glad our conversations from AZ to Germany are restarting. :)

heidi jo said...

ok, in terms of CREATION (every spec of it), well-thought-out might not be as good a description as PURPOSED. that's what i really meant. :)

Aunt Beck said...

Can I just be Charlie Brown on this one and say I see clouds???!!!!

Laurie said...

My goodness! You have definately given me food for thought for quite a while! I love this journey!

PapaZ said...

Heidi Jo, I'm glad you took the bait. You did well. It really does not matter how you concieve of God's thinking process. It does not resemble ours at all because NOTHING of any description is out side of Him. The point for us is total Confidence in his "Plan" for our lives personally. He can be trusted with any and every aspect of our lives....and housing.

PapaZ said...

Heidi Jo, I'm glad you took the bait. You did well. It really does not matter how you concieve of God's thinking process. It does not resemble ours at all because NOTHING of any description is out side of Him. The point for us is total Confidence in his "Plan" for our lives personally. He can be trusted with any and every aspect of our lives....and housing.

shauna said...

I am a few days late on this discussion, but I think the main reason God created us was for us to love Him, and to be loved by Him. I am sure He has reasons I may never understand, and i know I can't even begin to comprehend all that God is... I think since God IS love that what He wants the most is for us to love Him and show others His love... therefore - maybe that is one of His reasons for creating us. To sum it up - LOVE.