Monday, July 28, 2008

Special request for Papa's Skee

Chapter 6 THE SHACK
88 Well Mackenzie, don’t just stand there with your mouth open like your pants are full. How does the earthy talk coming from God effect you? The story?
89 Is the real Holy Spirit full of surprises with perfect timing? Explain
Jesus had just told Mack he was free to do what ever he wanted and Mack volunteered he felt obligated to talk to Poppa. Jesus instructs: Don’t go because you feel obligated. That won’t get you any points here. Go because it’s what you want to do. What is the message here?
90 how does the creator value things given?
How can Poppa listen to music from a band that has not been born yet?
What does this mean in relation to how Poppa might view all of life’s experiences?
How is time different for us?
91 Would God really value all kinds of music? Why?
Why was Mack uncomfortable with Poppa manifesting as a woman? Why did Poppa manifest that way?
92 If you will let me Mack, I will be the Poppa you never had. How much does our earthly fathers effect how we view our heavenly father?
If you couldn’t take care of Missy, how can I trust you to take care of me? In the back of Mack’s mind would he also wonder why God did not rescue him as a boy too?
Why does God allow the great gulfs that separate us from Him?
Do all God’s children have wounds at some point in life that God needs to heal? Does anyone escape?
Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship. In real life, does relationship really triumph over answers?
93 What are the head issues that must be gotten out of the way that makes the heart issues easier to work on?
Is a relationship a head issue or a heart issue or some combination of both? Explain.
Why is Poppa a woman?
How big a part of the average Christian’s life is religious conditioning compared to genuine relationship?
List all the religious stereotypes (or non religious) of God you have heard of. Which are the most accurate?
94 If God is not male or female, why is he presented as Father in the Bible? Is his feminine side ever shown?
Agree or disagree: God is neither male or female because gender is part of creation and God is above and beyond creation but it is contained in him.
Does God’s prior knowledge of any matter effect our freedom to choose?
95 What are the limiting influences of life that limit freedom?
Why can’t freedom be forced?
How is a person ever truly free?
Where does freedom happen? Why there?
Why did Poppa have scars on her wrist to match the one’s on Jesus’ wrists?
96 Love always leaves a significant mark. What kinds of marks does love leave?
Was Jesus alone on the cross, forsaken? Was that in his humanity only?
Mackenzie I never left him, I never left you. What is the message and point here?
How did Jesus put himself completely in God’s hands? How do we?
Deep inside, who did Mack think God was?
97 What was man created for? What does that imply?
Can a person be loved with out feeling like they are loved? Why don’t they know they are loved?
When Poppa says that unlike man, his wings cannot be clipped, what did he mean he was free to do?
98 How do people make up their versions of God according to Poppa?
How much of God can man comprehend?
How can Poppa live in a state of perpetual satisfaction? What does that mean for sinners?
99 Man was created to share in…..?
Paraphrase Poppas description of the incarnation of Jesus.
What are the implications of the incarnation?
99-100 How does Jesus accomplish his life in the flesh according to Poppa?
Humans are not defined by their limitations but by the intentions I have for them…Clarify.
101 What was Poppas reaction to Mack’s not being able to comprehend completely the trinity.
Paraphrase Poppas definition of the trinity. How does it differ from yours?
How does love and relationship that exists in the trinity flow into the life of humans?
102 How does Poppa’s explanation, unless I had an object to love, or more accurately, a someone to love, if I did not have a relationship within my self, then I would not be capable of love at all…effect your understanding of his nature and the trinity?
What are the implications of the God who is….cannot act apart from love.
Is it reasonable to believe that humans cannot possibly comprehend why God could allow a tragedy such as Missy’s death.
103 If Mack had been the only human, why would Jesus still have died for him alone?

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Please don't tell me that we will discuss this whole chapter in one week! Good glory that is a lot to discuss and worth much more than one week. I can't imagine picking from that list and I want to discuss ALL of them.