Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations Kristy

Victor and Kristy

Grandparents, Rev and Jan

Proud Parents, Dale and Karen
Dee and I made a quick trip to California to attend Dee's Niece, Kristy's graduation from Biola University in La Mirada. We are very proud of her accomplishments. She graduated from a 5 year course in 4 years! Biola was made for people like Kristy. In my opinion it is one of the top (ok I really think it is the top) Christian Universities in the country. Our family has been closely associated with Biola for at least 60 years. My aunt and uncle Elsie and Les Zuercher went there in the 40's, my sister in the 60's and I received a masters in 73 and a D Minn in 85 from. I will have to admit a bit of ...ok a lot of pride in my old school. I love it today for the same reason I loved it then. It is real world relevant and they have not budged an inch off their commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listing to the graduation speakers and seeing the commitment of the faculty reassured me that the school was in as good of hands as ever! It was, is, and will continue to be a great place for a quality education. Congratulations Kristy! You made us all proud!


Anonymous said...

We congratulate you too Kristy - we are so proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you put in to finish what you started! That is admirable (and enviable, and...whoops, I'm shoudn't think those things!!!!)

Lovin' you,

Aunt Beck

heidi jo said...

I can hardly believe Kristy is so grown up! What a GORGEOUS woman!! (Look at her Mama too! Beautiful!)

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment Kristy! Here's to a bright future. :)

Heidi Jo

Aimee said...

So proud of that girl, and wow she is such a beauty!

Doni Brinkman said...

Echo that congratulations