Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wouldn’t you know I would be too busy to see the season ending episodes for any of my favorite shows last week. Fortunately I have a recorder and could catch up at a better time. I taped all of AI but was only really interested in the last minute. I didn’t plan to watch 24 live anyway, hate the commercials! I really like the tivo ability, catch it when you can and skip the commercials. Unfortunately that is what has happened with the gospel. To many Christian’s pushed the record button after the resurrection of Christ and never really went back to watch the rest of the story. The resurrection was the end of one story, but the beginning of another story. We accept the offer of forgiveness and eternal life but missed the whole story of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We hear rumors about it or even read books about it like Tozers, Man, the Dwelling Place of God, but we have NO CLUE what it really means. We missed the entire point that God would literally take up residence inside us and EMPOWER us to walk and talk with Him in eternal relationship....starting now. So many believers are waiting for Jesus to come back to start an earthly personal relationship. We can have it NOW. All that will be available to us in heaven is available now, if we will but accept it. I think that at least in part is why The Shack is so popular. We can have a "shack" kind of relationship, except for the shack was just a story, the empowering of the indwelling Spirit is real. I wonder what we are missing by not believing? If this sparks any interest, google: The Two Covenants by Andrew Murray and read Chapter 7. the shack discussion guide


heidi jo said...

i'm going to look up that book now. i think i need Him to refresh that part of my life. :)

Don Z said...

Heidi Jo, don't be alarmed if you should see Murray described as a mystic writer. Jesus, John and Paul were mystics too. They only mean that Murray actually beleived he could live in a personal relationship with God and that God actually indwelt Murray. I want to be a better mystic!