Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Spring

Grandson Noah's first attempt down the mountain. He wasn't hurt. When he saw his bike did not fare so well, he said it was ok becasue he had another one at home. (Daniel was closer than I was so it's not my fault...and I did tell him not to go up the OTHER mountain.)
This little fellow was watching me fish the other day. He was about 4' long and very friendly. No noisy displays, just a calm, "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone attitude". I did. I have another one from the day before that I found in my driveway. I put him in the barn until I can release him somewhere where he won't be a threat to my Grandkids...after I snake break my new puppy...I will have to defang him first so neither of us get hurt. Did you know they have several sets of fangs in case one breaks off? I'm waiting for the cut on my hand to heal before I handle him. Experience tells me that venom running down my hand to an open wound would be as good as a bite. And YES Deanna, I have to do it or the Puppy will get bit like the last one did.

Tanner (Doni's) and Seth (Heidi's son) went with me the other day to see if the white bass were in yet. They were. I planned to keep them dry all day, but Uncle Darin carried them across the deep part and then put them down in the shallow part. His response to my complaint "you never worried about keeping us dry when you took us fishing". Darin just does not understand that grandsons are different....or maybe not.

That's what I've been up to lately. If your craving somthing for the soul today, Check out Cousin Rays blog on the Missional Church. It is what we ought to be. Just follow the link to the right.


Ray and Janell said...

i love it all. especially darin's wisdom "you didn't care 'bout keeping us dry when we were kids" … classic.

shannondale said...

I need to snake train my lab pup as well!! not looking foward to it but i knoww its gotta be done good luck!!

heidi jo said...

oh darin... at least YOU intended they wouldn't get wet when you told me so... not your fault darin didn't obey? hee hee... never could CONTROL those boys could you? ha! seth is no worse for the wear. he left cold but with such happy memories to warm him up.