Monday, April 12, 2010

More Dino? pics

I added the remaining pictures I took with my cell phone becasue some professionals are viewing them to determine what they might be. First guess was IF it is the remains of something it is just the tail, but that was just the first impression of an expert. We may even get to go on a field trip with an expert to see what it is....OK I did not tell anyone exactly where it was becasue I want to take them to it. Even if it is just an odd natural formaton it will still be fun. I gathered from our brief conversation that this type of thing, IF REAL is fairly rare for this part of the country. Since my grandkids are home schooled it will be a science field trip for them. I guess Doni and I will have to come out of the closet offically as OLD EARTH (vrs Young earth). I know many readers of this blog beleive God created the earth in six litteral 24 hour days even thought the scripture does not really say that. The evidnece here (if it is real) and elsewhere demonstrate that creation came over a LONG period of time but in the same order as described in Genesis. IF this is a very ancient bone, I have no theological argument with it at all. Anyway, when I take the Grand kids to see it....which Brooke is insisting we do soon... I will tell them that God did indeed create all we see but probably not in 6 days. This could still all be nothing but it does represent something that is real. If anyone else is interested I will post the gps coordinates AFTER the experts have had a chance to determine what, if anything they want to do about looking into it further. Deanna is having a little fun with me on this. She has already named this new species of critter after me. She calls it a zimmerawesomeness. Brooke thought a saurous ending might be more fitting.

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