Monday, April 12, 2010

Desert Dino?

A bunch of us were fishing yesterday at a local lake and while walking by a sandstone cliff I saw what looked like the fossil remains of something really big. it was over 7' long and was shaped exactly like a spinal column. I have no idea if it is just a freak natural rock formation or a real dino bone. IF it is a dino bone would anyone care? It may have just been uncovered by the recent rains. Any thoughts? The pictures are from my cell phone so not great but you can get the idea. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Trish said...

That is awesome, I would have so loved to see it and touch it!

heidi jo said...

ooo! can't wait to see what comes of this - SO cool... i hope it's something fancy that you get paid lots of money for discovering. :) ha ha! finders keepers?

Betty said...

Sure looks like bones to me.