Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Parties

It would seem this is birthday season around our house and I have a confession to make. I am not much of a birthday person personally for reasons only Freud would find interesting. Deanna is a big birthday person…and hers is this week. My problem is the same one you may have. What can I give her that is within the reach of my budget that would be meaningful and special to her? She is what they call in the horse world and “Easy Keeper”. She is a very low maintenance wife. I know she is worth everything, would be delighted in anything, and expects next to nothing, but it doesn’t make it any easier when I try to get specific. The only thing she said she wants is a day driving the back roads in the mountains with me. I can even hunt along the way if I want. Like I said, she’s an easy keeper, always has been. I have 48 hours to figure it out. Getting presents for the Grandkids is easy, there is always a new toy they want. What is interesting to me is watching the grandkids get presents for their parents. How does a child, who owns nothing give a gift to the one who owns everything and has need of nothing that is within the range of the giver? Usually it is a hand made card or picture drawn on materials supplied by the receiver of the gift. The really wonderful thing is that gift really is treasured. How do I know? Those are the items you will find displayed on a desk or refrigerator and in a scrapbook or attic 50 years later. These gifts of relationship, of love, only grow more valuable with the passing of time. In this world where families are scattered all over the globe, I wonder how many elderly parents would give up a week of their life for an hour of personal time with their child. I think I know the answer. I have stood at the bed of many a dying person who somehow held on until the last child arrived. If you are feeling a little down about that, don’t. Just pick up the phone and call…right now. In the final analysis, the gift of relationship is the only gift that really matters. We should have known that already. It is the gift that the ultimate Gift Giver offers. Have you gotten yours?


Aimee said...

That is so true dad, I cherish every precious little hand made thing from my kids because it came from their heart. Relationship certainly is more important than any thing we could ever give. Thanks for the gentle reminder:). Love you.

heidi jo said...

makes me think of how i really have nothing to offer my Savior that He didn't already give... Father Son and Spirit really. Anything I give in return - whether it be acts of worship of many kinds, a song, creativity (with use of the gifts HE provides, like earth, color, inspiration), making use of my ability to think, reason, and work hard... what seems to bless Him the most is simply the fact that my heart WANTS to give. It truly is the thought, well, and the motive, that count - the heart.

There have been times even my own husband has come home to tell me of something he wanted to give me but could not for whatever reason - whether it be $ unavailable for some lofty dream, or simply his work schedule not allowing the time to get it. It still made me feel loved and special to know he was wishing he could. :)

I like these thoughts.

songgirl52 said...

Its sounds like spending a day together on the back roads, followed by a Sonic Ice Tea will be the perfect gift for both of you! :)

We are told so often in scripture to love one another but we seem to forget that this love is a reflection of our love of God.