Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Out for a week

I will be visiting family with my son Darin on the east coast for a week so I will not be able to respond to The Shack Discussion Guide requests until I get back. Actually, we are going whitetail Deer hunting. New Jersey is so overrun with Deer they have a 6 month long, no limit season! They are begging for hunters to come help control the deer population that again exploded exponentially this year. They make it really cheap. My cousin has an estimated 1500 deer in the woods surrounding his house in a 2-3 square mile area and virtually none of it is hunted. I get "free" tickets with my airline milage plan, but my one suitcase will cost $150 to fly on American Airlines, each way! They only allow 65" total l x w x h and the one thing I have to take back is a case that measrues 72". I cannot pay the extra $50 each way for the computer to keep up on the email etc. My Son is taking a later flight on United Air and his first two bags are free plus a carry on. We are carrying the exact same case. There was some fine print in the 6 pages of luggage instructions that may cut or eliminate the fee becasue I am flying with award tickets. Who Knows? It would have been cheaper to fly with Darin than to pay for the luggage on American Airlines. I likely will ship the bow case home UPS ground. It has to be cheaper. Last year the same trip cost me $10.


Brenda B said...

the airline fees these days are crazy. US Air is the main airline here and they charge for EVERY bag you check. $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second bag on. It's crazy.

Best of luck hunting!

Aimee said...

That is just silly. Hope you have a wonderful time dad...we'll miss you!

Doni Brinkman said...

Good grief! Have a fun time! Love and miss you already.

heidi jo said...

TOO BAD YOU AREN'T CLOSER!!! Jason would have crashed your party. :) hee hee... bummer the expense for your bags is so high - RIDICULOUS! But I'm so glad you are getting to take such a well-deserved trip!
(Maybe I'll be caught up on your blog by the time you return!)

Don Z said...

Hi guys, I found a computer in New Jersey. We are having a great time with the family. For whatever reason AA has a posted price list and an entirely different way of handling everything. They charged me $15 for my only check on. I noticed they did not hold to any of their posted rules for carry on bags. Most were way oversize. I suspect they got a lot of complaints, at least in Phoenix. Hopefully the reverse trip will be the same.