Friday, October 31, 2008

The odometer of life rolls over again this month for me and my body is sending constant reminders of the many miles we have traveled. My elbow constantly reminds me that it paid for my college education playing tennis. I accept the price with gratitude. My feet wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to reminisce the many miles logged through ice covered swamps and over volcanic rock mountains with my boys in pursuit of whatever game was in season. The pain surrenders to the Tylenol and sweet recollections that summon me to once again ford the stream or climb mountain, if only in my dreams. My hands and hair recall my father and when my back is out, I do a pretty good imatation of his typical walk. My battle of the bulge recalls archived memories of my mother laying on her bed being slowly twitched to death by an electronic device wrapped around her waist that promised to make her inches slimmer! Cancer finally delivered what no machine could. Bulge battles are better. These are the true measures of life that qualify the growing quanty of life's odometer. If I were a car, I’d be tempted to trade me in. I am in the “classic” stage, but with too many miles and to much ware to be of much value. The next stage is either the antique collectable stage or the junk yard. Neither appeals much to me. Who wants to be set on a shelf and visited once in a while. Who wants to go to a junk yard? Personally, I think I am going to do with me what I do with all my cars, keep on driving till the wheels fall off! Better to burn out than to rust out. I may not be as good as I once was but…well you know the song. Why the melancholy moment? Dee just walked in and she is stunningly beautiful. Her hair is iridescent silver that announces the ageless beauty beneath. She is like her father, she refuses to give a thought to the turning pages of the calendar. We have been together for over 40 years and I can honestly and proudly declare she has never been more beautiful or desirable. Definitely a treasured collectable! No, we are not young any more, but I will treasure my Sunset Blond over all the summer blonds any and every day of the week.


heidi jo said...

tell me she's reading this!!! oh Jesus, let the future years of marriage be so sweet and full of love. :) precious to see how HIS kind of love grows more beautiful with time. i often wonder what we'll (jas and i) think when we've known one another so long, when we've shared more joy and sorrow than we imagined, when we're pre-antique but post-sports car stage. ;) i hope THIS is what it looks like.

Doni Brinkman said...

I told Mom to go read it. Anxious to see what she thinks of being a "sunset blonde". I love that! :)