Thursday, June 4, 2009

An African proverb teaches that if you were born a lion, you must wake up every morning and outrun the slowest Gazelle. If you are born a Gazelle, you must wake up each morning and outrun the fastest lion. Either way you must wake up running. A similar proverb is taught in the Christian life. William Law (1752) taught that there are two choices in life, struggle against God or struggle against self. We know about the struggle against God, here is what he says about self:

And you have the utmost Certainty, what you are to do, where you are to seek, and in what you are to find your Salvation. All that you have to do, or can do, is to oppose, resist, and, as far as you can, to renounce the evil Tempers, and Workings of your own earthly Nature. You are under the Power of no other Enemy, are held in no other Captivity, and want no other Deliverance, but from the Power of your own earthly Self.

I guess if we are going to wake up fighting each morning anyway, we should decide who we are going to fight with….and which battle you can actually win.


Doni Brinkman said...

As I am running this morning ;), I'll be thinking about that.

Aunt Beck said...

I resent this intrusion of my self-absorbtion (Tee! Hee!) Ok, ok, so I might not want to have read this, and I'm not really into exercise - but I really, really want to be a woman of God...can I start out at a jog??????

Beck :)