Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It really doesn't seem to matter what sport I am watching....and I watch a little of them all...somewhere in the process of the game the announcer will tell me (usually repeatedly) that this player or that player is "one of the most under rated players in the game". Really? From the frequency of that statement, I am thinking that statement has the same approximate meaning as "he's some kind a ball player". Aren't they all some kind? It seems to me that the announcers and fans are IMPUTING a quality to a person they really hope he has, but the proof of it can only be demonstrated on the field. That's why sports drafts are so risky. Players are paid on an imputed value scale, ie they hope the player proves to be worth the money. Sometimes it a deal, sometimes a steal and sometimes someone got robbed! I imagine more that more than one player got himself into big financial trouble by borrowing and spending money on "imputed" but unproven and undelivered worth. It is one thing to earnestly believe millions of dollars are in the near feature, it is an entirely different thing to start spending money you don't really have. In high school, LaBron James was said to be potentially worth millions and his mother bought him a brand new hummer based on future earning potential. Fortunately for all of them, it worked out as predicted and maybe even better. The majority of times the first round picks do not measure up to the hype and hope. Read any 5 year old list of top paid first round picks in any sport. You may be expecting a who's who list, but more often than not, it turns out to be a Who Knew? Some struggle in their rookie year but somewhere along the line they realize they really do belong and begin to shine. Some, in their heart of hearts, come to realize they do not really have that extra something that makes a star shine and resign themselves to the pine for as long as they can get a pay check. A similar thing happens in the Christian life. New believers are (erroneously) told they have the imputed nature of Christ's righteousness covering them. There are even a few songs about it, The big problem is CHRIST DOES NOT IMPUTE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS TO US! Imputed righteousness is a nice sentiment but does nothing for real power. What Christ actually did was IMPART righteousness to us. He literally and actually restored what was lost in Adam. Imputed righteousness is promise unfulfilled, IMPARTED righteousness is power realized. It is the difference between playing the part of a believer and actually being a believer. True believers are not just covered in righteousness they are indwelt by righteousness the same way Adam was before the Fall. Jesus restored it all. True believers actually are righteous. True believers don't sit on the pine, they get in the game and shine. the shack study guide


Doni Brinkman said...

That was a great analogy Dad.

Aunt Beck said...

I feel like you are our cheerleader lately. You motivate me to THINK, not just listen. To say to myself, "is this true....have I just been going along with the 'sinner' tag over my head in much the same way Linus brought a cloud of dust wherever he went in the cartoon 'Peanuts?' I can actually not only have victory...but SHINE???!!!" I'd rather live like Adam in the garden before the fall. To walk and talk with the Father without shame or timidity, but running with a smile ready to share in whatever great conversation He has for me this day. Thanks brother, I love you!