Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have 11 beautiful grand children that really don't look much alike, except these two cousins. Zane on the left is David's son and Ryker is Darin's. Their sisters look nothing like them or their girl cousins, but Karsyn and Zandi are both quite accomplished as gymnasts doing thins way above their age level. At the moment the boys are most similar in looks and actions. They are both really action oriented. Ryker was at the gym the other day and a little out of mom's reach when another toddler came up to give him a hug. Ryker instinctively hugged him he took him to the ground for the pin! Jody tried to explain that Ryker doesn't do hugs, he's more WWF. Zane was wrestling with his other grandpa the other day and thinking he was playing with dad David, doubled up his fist and clocked grandpa on the chin, nearly taking him down....all in the best of fun. That sounds bad unless you know David, he does play like that with Zane. Grandpa was a good sport and David explained to Zane that is ONLY OK with Dad. There is no real point to this other than I just wanted to post pictures of these two...since they look and are built the most like me.

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