Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Better Than Advertized

Last night I went to the Bo's Cafe release Party with about 500 other people. Paul Youngs, the author of The Shack was the key note speaker and he was definitely better than advertised. I was really impressed by the lives that authored these books. John, Paul and Brian of Bo's were not only very likable, but committed to be what they describe in their book. I have a new Discussion Guide ready for Bo's Cafe, but my Computer is on the blink so I can't post it yet. (I am using Dee's now). Even if you don't like to read, get a copy of both books. I haven't seen if Bo's is on audio yet. I suppose it will be. It would be great if they could record it they way it was done last night. It will support the Grace Cause! Grace really is greater than all the problems that can over power every one of us. the shack discussion guide

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shannondale said...

I know that you can get it on I tunes that is how I have it along with he loves me and the shack