Saturday, October 3, 2009

BO'S CAFE comes to Phoenix

If I got a ride like Andy, would I be like Andy?

I always feel a little let down after I finish reading a book that I really liked because the story ends and it usually takes years for a sequel. I felt that way when I finished Bo’s Café. I got drawn in to the story and characters…yes I know they are “pretend”, but they still spoke to me. Now I find that the book is not over and what is even more fun is that I can enter into the story and conversation! I know it sounds kind of crazy, but in this virtual world, who cares? Bo’s Café set up shop at (click it and see what I mean). The conversation from the book continues and I can join if I want. It is only the second week so it will be easy to catch up. I especially like what they had to say this week.
They answered the question I started with. So click on it already...

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