Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Thirteen years ago I assembled this windmill and stuck it temporarily just off my lawn. It is not level...which used to bug me...but it has been that way so long that it is just part of the landscape now. Every once in a while I will get the urge to level it, but if I ignore the urge, it quickly goes away and another year passes. I would level it but it is always: to hot, to windy, I'm to busy, I will do it after I....You get the idea. I look at this every day from the window and every time I step out the door but the urge to fix it is less than it was so I don't. Who knows? I may never level it or it might get leveled this I have a Dr. appointment, so maybe Saturday, no, I am going to a meeting with Daniel. I can live with it, but I wonder if it might somehow be better if it was level? I could go fix it right now...but it's almost lunch time. I wonder if it is like my back. For MANY years I could not lay on my stomach without my back hurting. It was that way so long I could not remember ever laying on my stomach. One day I tripped over something and threw my knee out. I went to a chiropractor to get some therapy for it and during his exam he asked how long my back had been out. I told him it wasn't out, it was always that way, but he worked on it anyway. After a couple of sessions it popped back into place and my back felt right for the first time in years. I no longer let it get to that place because I don't like living with the pain. That makes me wonder. Is there something out of level or out of place in my relationship with God that I have just gotten used to? What would it be like if I were to fix it? I wonder how often I actually put up with a spiritual crick in my back. the shack study guide,


Aimee said...

Such wise words dad, thank you.

heidi jo said...

i've recently been getting some spiritual adjustments and it does feel better! :)

love that 2nd picture, especially, by the way.. so warm and inviting. love it.