Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Talk

I mentioned yesterday that I was awakened early with the "let's talk" inkling I sometimes have. There was no real revelations, no miracles, no mysteries resolved, just a early morning, heart warming visit with Father. I went about my day and in the late afternoon looked at my email. One said it was from the religious editor of Newsweek Magazine inviting me to talk about The Shack Discussion Guide I have posted. I did talk to Lisa a bit later and had the opportunity to share with her why 3.4m copies of the Shack are being read. I told her that in my experience, everyone has a Shack experience. Deep down, everyone wants to be loved and cherished by Father. The Shack is not just the culmination of Paul Young's experience with Papa, it is all of our stories condensed wonderfully and beautifully into one. I have no idea what if any of our conversation will be used. I know I had the opportunity to talk to someone about the incredible and unsearchable depths of the love of the Father and the freedom He brings. Should you ever get an inner sense that Father wants to talk, get alone and find out. You never know where He is preparing to take you or how he wants to use you.


Doni Brinkman said...

And I think I was prompted to go to your house for lunch completely unsuspecting so that I would be able to listen outside the door (until you inconveniently shut it)! :)

Anonymous said...

wish i could have been sneaking a listen with you doni!!!
heidi jo