Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wrong idea about prayer?

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack for no apparent reason? What do you do. The harder you try to get back to sleep, the more awake you are. Everyone has something they can worry about if they try hard enough. How do we cast our cares on him at such a time? We pray, but what if God does not answer. Are we thinking aobut prayer correctly? Consider Oswald Chambers thoughts on and see if it matches your thoughts.

“Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8). Then why should we ask? The point of prayer is not to get answers from God, but to have perfect and complete oneness with Him. If we pray only because we want answers, we will become irritated and angry with God. We receive an answer every time we pray, but it does not always come in the way we expect, and our spiritual irritation shows our refusal to identify ourselves truly with our Lord in prayer. We are not here to prove that God answers prayer, but to be living trophies of God’s grace.
“… I do not say to you that I shall pray the Father for you; for the Father Himself loves you …” (
John 16:26–27). When prayer seems to be unanswered, beware of trying to place the blame on someone else. That is always a trap of Satan. When you seem to have no answer, there is always a reason—God uses these times to give you deep personal instruction, and it is not for anyone else but you.

Maybe there is something better to do than just lay there, you think?