Friday, February 13, 2009

Giver / Givee

What is Valentine’s Day all about? The cynic in me sees the commercial point of view: it is about making money. It is to encourage people to buy a card or a flower for someone who they evidently would otherwise not have bought it for. Have you ever read the commercial cards they write for men? Most of them are so apologetic, I now I don’t say it, show it, do it enough….but I do love you…here’s a dying flower and a pretty picture. I GUARENTEE YOU that card and wheeze bush would have a much bigger impact on July 7 than February 14. OK that is the cynic speaking, and I admit a lot of men NEED to apologize, (weekly, instead of weakly) rather than yearly. The romantic in me sees the day differently. If Deanna totally ignored the day and bought me nothing, I would niether notice or care. She keeps my tank full year round anyway. What I like about the day is the opportunity to be a special giver. But what is a giver without a givee? This must be a sad day for those who have no one to pour their love into, or worse who choose not to do it. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Deanna bought cheap Dollar store cards to send to the 10 grandchildren. The stamp cost more than the card, but they will feel special today because they got something in the mail…plus cash! It is only $1, but that $1 will mean as much to them as $100, more actually because it is not about money, it is about Love. I’ve been planning this special day for a while. My nephew has a gift for writing and I asked him to write a special Valentines message for me. I gave him the topic: My first Valentines gift of Love to Dee, a H&R .20 gage shotgun. If that doesn’t say I love you, then what does! (You guessed correctly, it didn’t hence the card of explanation 40 years later) Jarrood wonderfully captured the intent of the heart that was lost in the disaster that surrounded the gift at the time. I will post it after Valentine’s day with the story behind it. I have learned to be a better giver, not perfect, but improving. I hope my desire to give is a reflection of my Heavenly Father. He loves to give EVERYTHING he has. In fact, it is why He made me; To pour into me everything He has and is, nothing reserved. He made it all to give to me. It is great to be his Givee too! What is He giving you today?



Anonymous said...

Okay Uncle Don, I've let it go before, but I can't take it anymore. You spell my name JARROD, yup, just one "O". Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Don Z said...

Jarrod, you were there but I do not expect you to remember this but YOUR MOTHER spelled it JARROOD when she told me your name before you were born. I distinctly remember becasue I asked her why she would name you what sounded like Jar-ude. Check your birth certificate. It is possible I am right. Either way you did an outstandding job on the card. Aunt Dee hasn't seen it yet but I love it. It is more than I hoped for. Thanks JARROD.

Aimee said...

I love it dad, you are so precious to mom. And BTW...Zandi & Zane were SO excited when they got their Valentine's Day cards from you and Sweetie. Getting mail is a HUGE deal for them. Zane could barely control himself and in his excitement to open the envelope, he ripped the card and the dollar bill! Then he told you should have never let me open that, you know I'm not good at that. Ok ya, like it's my fault - lol!