Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I try to fix things.

Before I call a repair man to work on something, I like to give a shot at repairing it myself first. Early on I observed that some of the repairmen the companies sent out knew less about it than I did. The decision was made many years ago when our washing machine went on the blink and we called in the repair man. Partly out of curiosity and partly out of self protection I watched the repairman go about trying to fix the machine. He disconnected it, wrestled it into a working area, took it apart, put it back together exactly as he had taken it apart and wrestled it back into position, re connected everything and turned it on. It was still broken. I figured he was doing some form of diagnostics and watched him repeat the entire process a second time with the exact same results. As he completed the the exact same process the third time I interrupted him asking how he thought repeating the exact same process was going to gain a different result. He had no answer and continued….getting the same results. I then asked him what he was going to differently the fourth time to try to achieve a different result. He had no idea. He worked very hard and was earnest and sincere, but he just did not know how to fix it and eventually gave up. A few days later another repair man came out, started to do the exact same process but this time diagnosed the problem, changed out a part and to no ones surprise, the machine worked normally again. I expected that if he made a change he would get a different result. I am thinking a lot of believers I know are like the first repairman. They make a decision for Christ, are “born again” but continue to lead their lives exactly the way they always had. They are totally sincere and put in a lot of effort but they end up discouraged because they are getting the same results even though they put in lots more effort. They failed to understand that a new part was installed, the Holy Spirit. They keep looking in the physical world of success and possessions for what never was there or ever will be there. Success and possessions will never bring about what they promise, if they did, the richest people would be the happiest people, and that does not appear to be the case. Actually the opposite may be true. My neighbor just returned from digging water wells in some of the poorest parts of Africa. They met believers there with next to no material possessions and a generous abundance of the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. They had no possessions to speak of but were happier, more loving and kind than we who do. I doubt they would trade straight across. Jesus said if we seek FIRST the kingdom of God, everything else will be added. He will supply all the needs we will ever have and we can rest anxiety free in peace and joy. I’m thinking it is really stupid (yes I can say that because my Grand kids don’t read yet) to continue to live the same way and expect a different result. Isn't it time for a change?


shauna said...

Amen! It is time for a change and get real about loving and living for God. I pray I will change for the better too.

heidi jo said...

Father help me to change.

Doni Brinkman said...

Actually Tanner DOES read but has not started reading your blog yet so your still safe. :) I am still trying to stop fixing things but getting better at standing down all the time. Baby steps.