Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spiritual Asthmatics

Like many of you, I have been slowed this past month by a cold and lingering congestion in my chest. Currently my daughters, Doni and Brooke are both so congested it is hard to talk to them on the phone. I hope you avoided it. Ryker and Tori both had to see their doctor for treatment, Karsyn, Ty, Tanner, Graham, Noah, Braxton, Zane and Zandi all had a bout of it too. Dee and I prayed Zane would not get it to badly. His asthma already has him on breathing treatment at least daily at home. Zane lives every day with a condition that I get every couple of years. He just goes about life like it is normal, not realizing how dangerous it really is for him. Thank the Lord breathing treatments keep him functioning pretty well most days. Not being able to breath is literally so hard to live with we all do whatever it takes to get well or at least maintain. It is sad that we don’t understand our spiritual lives need at least as much care and probably even more. Andrew Murray observes:
“Be filled with the Spirit.”—Ephesians,
I may have some air, a little air, in my lungs, but not enough to keep up a healthy, vigorous life. But everyone seeks to have his lungs well filled with air, and the benefit of it will be felt in his blood and through his whole being. And just so the word of God comes to us, and says, “Christians, do not be content with thinking that you have the Spirit, or have a little of the Spirit; but, if you want to have a healthy life, be “filled with the Spirit.” Is that your life? Or are you ready to cry out, “Alas, I do not know what it is to be filled with the Spirit, but it is what I long for.” The Deeper Christian Life
How is your Spiritual breathing today? A little congested?


Aimee said...

What a great analogy (I think that's what you call it!). It really made me stop and think about how often I go without my "spiritual breathing treatments."
Zane's doctors have continually reminded us about the importance of his daily treatments,even when he's doing fine. The continued medication helps him build up a resistance so that major attacks aren't as likely. There are alot of days when it seems like he is doing just fine and doesn't really need the meds. But if we take him off of them all of a sudden he ends up having an asthma attack. It's so true how much that is like our spiritual life. I will often go days thinking I'm doing spiritually fine and not even notice it is getting harder and harder for me to breathe. But then all of a sudden, like Zane, I end up having a major attack that I could have avoided. Thanks for this Dad, and thank you for praying for Zane too. So far so good:).

Ray and Janell said...

hi don, we're still trying to find some fair airfare :-) if we don't land some good plane ticket this week -- well, we just aren't supposed to be at this wedding.