Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rescue me

Even to think of it today causes an icy shiver to run down my back although it happened 23 years ago. The family was with me while I as working on a holding pen for some birds I was raising. The pen was backed onto a vertical cut in a stone bank about 6 feet high and was protected on top by concertina wire. That is the wire they put around the top of prisons. It has a 1.5 x .5 inch double edged knife point barb every 6 inches. It will literally cut like a knife if you fall on it. I was working in the cage when Dustin fell off the ledge and onto the concertina wire. He was suspended in mid air by a barb that had punctured his thigh. As calmly as possible I told him “do not move”, I am coming. I had to exit the cage and run around the rock ledge about 50 yards to get to him. When I got to him several seconds later he was frozen, whimpering some but not really crying. Should he try to free himself he would slice his thigh open 1.5” deep and who knows how long. I had to look carefully to know how to lift him off the wire without pulling to either side for fear of the slicing effect of the barb. Dusty followed my instructions perfectly and after a few adjustments on the angle, I was able to pull him straight up off the barb without any further damage. To be free Dusty had to totally trust me and let me do all the work. He was totally helpless to do anything without making it worse. The wound never bothered him, even later that day. Sometimes I get myself is a similar situation. I am hung up by some act of my own doing, helpless to affect my own rescue. If I struggle, I will make matters infinitely worse but if I relax and call to Jesus to save me, he will do it immediately, without hesitation or reprimand. Andrew Murray counsles that when we come back to Jesus, from even the depth of sin, we come back "beautiful and glorified" becasue in the comming back we are surrendering again to him. Why do I hang on the trials of life suffering needlessly when all I have to do is whisper for help and He will rescue me. Do you do that too?


Aimee said...

These pictures of Dusty are absolutely adorable! Boy am I glad he listened and trusted you so you were able to rescue him.

Thank you for coming to my rescue yesterday (it's 1 in the morning now). I did not respond as well as I did the last time you rescued me from a flat tire that's for sure! I let my flesh get in the way and got frustrated when I should have just let it go. On my way home I thought about how much you really emulate the selfless way Christ wants us to serve others. You have never told me no, not even once, when I have called you with a problem or emergency. You've never been too busy. In fact, I can't think of any person in need of help that you wouldn't drop what you were doing and go to help them in their time of need. That is a true reflection of Christ's love in action. Thanks again Dad:).

Doni Brinkman said...

That first picture of Dusty is my favorite. If you look close you will notice he has high top boots on with his shorts. Soooo great LOL! Oh...this makes me miss the good old days. NOT that particular day though - I remember that happening. So far my boys aren't quite so injury prone and I am so grateful.

And yes, my flesh gets in the way all the time because when I am stressed I start shouting directions. I often have a whole string of rescue ideas lined up. Then Father shows up and His plan is much more interesting and I wonder why I opened my mouth...again.

heidi jo said...

this is an especially affecting post... wow... precious memory with even more precious meaning.

heidi jo said...

this is an especially affecting post... wow... precious memory with even more precious meaning.

(ps - if aimee is right, i'm calling you next time i need 'help' - means you'd have to visit me in VA) :)