Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming soon to a Computer Near You!

In the next few weeks my Sunday Sermons will be available on our chruch web site. One last piece of equipment should arrive this week to enable us to star. The reason I am making this available on the web is I beleive there is a great gap in what Beleivers are experiencing and what the Bible Promises we can experience in daily life. This series establishes the biblical foundation on how we can life in freedom and love. I am seeing living evidence around me that it is working. I will post the exact web address when it is up and running.
NOTE: For those of you who have old 8mm home videos you want to upgrade to DVD: Sony has a direct transfer machine that copies almost any old video to a dvd. I just transfered all my dad's old home movies (that I copied to 8mm in 1988) to dvd and all my home videos of the kids when they were young. It was as easy as the picture above shows.


Don Z said...

Ok, I didn't mean STAR, that was supposed to be START, but it was to funny to fix. Fruedian slip?

Aimee said...

So excited about this dad. While I absolutely LOVE teaching Sunday school, I have really missed your sermons. Now I can enjoy them!