Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Pondering

Pillars of Creation
Ever wonder why God created anything in the first place? From an earthly perspective it seems like a lot of bother for not much return. Let’s try to think this through from God’s perspective. Genesis 1 instructs us that before there was anything else, there was God. What was He like back then? He was not material or matter in any way we think of material or matter. It really doesn’t matter that we cannot find the words to define what He was because there was absolutely nothing around but Him to compare Him to anyway. We can make some safe deductions based on what God did. First, even though God was and is perfect in and of himself, He has desire. His desire was to share all that He is and has with something that is NOT Himself. This desire was infused with joy and power and God created. Along with being a picture of the trinity, it is an explanation of why anything exists. Without creation the universe would be an eternal stillness, a imperceptible nothingness. No nature no color, no creation. But in and through God’s loving desire, the Joy of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, God created and we are the pinnacle of His creation. So why did God create? In the simplest terms: He had to. He desired to love and share all that He had and is with something that was in His image, but NOT Himself. Something outside of Himself must be brought forth to recognize and give Him the Glory that is due Him. So He created us to love and be loved.

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priscille said...

There are several lessons incorporated within your "ponderings". Quite thought provoking. One lesson that comes to mind is that of God being "other-centered". The New Testament includes thirty-three occurrences of this phrase. This does infuse "color" into our lives, doesn't it?