Thursday, September 17, 2009

Max Egan Zimmermann

Before I lose it again, (actually I didn't lose it, Deanna put it "away in a safe place" and forgot) here is the family pages from Grandpa's pulpit Bible, dated 1954. If you can't make out the writing:

Max Egan Zimmermann Born Jan 7, 1893, Zara Austria
Brothers: Oscar Stephen, Waldemar Erich and sister Helen Irene
Father Oscar Carl Zimmermann, Mother: Josephine Dietrich
Anna Helen Unfried, Born March 13, 1905, Los Angeles, Ca
Brothers: John E, Walter F, Herman W, Sisters, Emma L and Katherine W
Waldemar Walter: 3/28/1923, Los Angeles Married 8/16/44 to Thelma Zeola Lawson
Elsie G. 6/25/1925, LA Married 6/14/45 to Leslie Zuercher
Ruth V 12/1/1926 LA Married 6/9/1950 to John A Kopec
Roland Albert 10/1/36, Married 6/7/57 to Helen Mae Boschette


Doni Brinkman said...

Very cool to have Dad.

Jodi said...

Dad what a treasure to have. I am glad that you found it again. Mom's place really was a "safe" place.