Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why is god always mad?


From the less than prayerful oaths that are frequently heard in men's requests to some god to condemn something to the average concept that god gets really upset when we sin, I wonder why a god like that would ever condescend to create anything, much less people. Unless of course the popular opinion of God damning and condemning is just plain wrong. Jacobe Boheme observed:

"And therefore the eternal Unity brings itself by its effluence and
separation into nature, that it may have an object, in which it may
manifest itself, and that it may love something, and be again be loved
by something, that so there may be a perceiving, or sensible working and will. "

The Key or Clavis of Jacobe Boheme (1620's)

Boheme argues that because God is LOVE had he not created anything there would be NOTHING for him to love, so he created things to love. . He could have stopped creating before he created people, but he wanted something that was not himself to LOVE him back. The whole story of Jesus dying to redeem all God's creation is not a story of anger but LOVE. I really think the popular opinion has it totally wrong. That's what Jesus' buddy John thought to. He said God sent Jesus to the world NOT to condemn the world but to restore it. That does not sound like a mad god to me....unless they are invoking the god of this world in their epitaphs and attitudes. The current god of this world is really ticked of at everything and everyone ever since he got kicked out of heaven...ya that's the answer. They don't know MY God. He would never in all eternity act like that. My God is more like Papa in The Shack. He really loves me and has made total provision for all my shortcomings. He doesn't condemn, He Blesses!

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Doni Brinkman said...

Was discussing this paradox with Him just this morning...and wondering why so many keep arguing the counter point.