Saturday, January 31, 2009

New salvation presentation prayer

This is the rough draft of the new sinner's prayer I am working on. It is based on a 7 step process, one paragraph to meditate on every day. My goal is to help people to become true disciples, not just escape hell. I will back up to the beginning later but would like your input on just this section. Questions and critiques are appreciated.

Disciples Prayer
Father, I believe you are the creator and sustainer of the universe, the source of all life and worthy of all honor and glory.
I am humbled that you would freely offer to me both forgiveness from my sins and a growing personal relationship with you. I want to live life the way you designed me to live and not just continue to exist in nothingness. Help me to grow in my understanding of how much you love me.
Thank you for sending your only Son Jesus to not only die on the cross but to become sin in my place. I believe that in His resurrection from the dead, Jesus broke the power of sin and death over me. Sin is no longer my issue.
His sacrifice made it possible for me to become your child, gain eternal life in heaven with you and receive your living spirit in the place of the dead spirit I was born with.
I know I have never done nor will I ever do anything that could make me worthy of this free gift of salvation that includes forgiveness from the penalty of sin and Christ indwelling me. I gratefully accept your offer of forgiveness for my sins and the miracle of my new birth that makes me your child and gives me your righteousness and eternal life with you in heaven.
Help me to understand more fully what I ask for and receive from You today. Guide me in my new life in You and your Holy Spirit in me. Teach me to go and grow in your likeness. Send to me my brothers and sisters in Christ that I may live in fellowship with them as
I live in relationship with you

Meditate on one section each day and pray for a deeper understanding of the commitment you make today

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Doni Brinkman said...

Very good - I like it. The only line that I stopped and thought about was "replacing your living spirit with my dead spirit" - wondering if new believers will understand that or if it may create confusion.

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness! I love this! I thought at first that the second paragraph was my favorite and most meaningful (to me) part until I came to the end.

"Help me to understand more fully what I ask for" This part is so so so important. I didn't know when I first believed just what I had really asked for and what would change in my life. Everything changed. Life did not become easier, if anything it was harder. It used to be so easy to just think about only me, my wants and desires. I ran from God for a long time but God always knew what I NEEDED and He provided every time. Even when I wouldn't listen, even when I rejected Him.

I am thankful every day for God sending me GFF...

shauna said...

I love the way this is written, and there is a lot of truth and wisdom in all that is written. Definately a great thing for a new Christian to study in order to learn more and grow closer to Christ.
I hesitate to say this next part, because you, Papa Z, are are much more wise than me. This is only a personal opinion, and definately not a right or wrong thing... but I personally don't like leading people in salvation prayers, because it is then the prayer of the person witnessing, not the prayer of the person accepting. I feel that even though new Christians may not have great words of wisdom yet, if they are truly accepting Christ, then they will know the words they need to say to Him. THEN we need disciples to teach them everything that is written in your statement. Again, who am I... I may not know you well, but from what I do know - I respect you A LOT. Just my personal opinion. Hope I didn't offend you. :)

Don Z said...

Shauna, in my heart I agree with your hesitation on giving someone a prayer for salvation, but my delimma as a pastor is to provide direction. I am not afraid they will get it "wrong", that is the Holy Spirit's job. I do have a discipleship responsibility in this, thus a prayer suggestion taht is really a life study guide..or at least that is my intention. Thanks for you insight, I do appreciate it.