Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Bike

I had been off of bikes for near 30 years when Daniel and his b-i-l Josh rolled this classic into my driveway. It was in the process of being restored but missing parts to the carbs. It was not long before I had Jim, Doni's husband, looking everywhere for the parts. It took over a year but he finally got the parts. I put the parts together with a pro shop and after a few adjustments it ran like a dream. It was a great bike to get reacquainted with riding on, more like riding a bicycle. I got comfortable on it quickly and enjoyed riding. Jim started looking for a bike for himself and found my dream bike, the red Honda. I took it on a quick test drive and knew if Jim didn't buy it I would have to. He didn't, I did and it was great. And when I sold it today I got the same thing for it that I originally paid. Not a bad deal really. A free ride for 3 years. (I know, insurance etc, but it was worth it.) I don't know if I will ever get another bike...but I kept my helmet and leathers just in case. Father always has a few surprises.

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