Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can you tell the difference between a toad and a frog?

Although I've never bought an album or downloaded a song, I do consider myself a Carrie Underwood fan. I absolutely loved Jesus take the wheel when it first came out. I listened to a parody of it yesterday, the red-neck version "Cletus take the reel". It is the touching story of two buddies fishing from a boat, one falls and asks his buddy Cletus to take the reel so his bass won't get away. OK it may be a guy thing but it was funny and actually a reasonable request given the circumstances. In one of Carrie's new song she tells of closing her eyes and kissing the frog, referring to Tony Romo or some date that was not what she hoped. I'm probably wrong about that because I didn't listen real close because it got me to thinking about how many people in relationships kiss the frog hoping for a prince. Actually, I have seen it work. Some couples do bring out the best in the other, the prince/princess if you will. The problem comes when the kisser cannot tell the difference between a frog and a toad. They look similar but are totally. Frogs like ponds and wet environments. Toads, like the Sonoran desert toad that live around my house, (top picture) don't really like the water all that well. They spend most of their lives underground, coming out only briefly when the humidity is high and shallow ponds are around. I doubt they can swim all that well. No matter how many stars you wish on, how many prayers you pray, how many times you kiss the toad, it will remain a toad because that is all that it will ever be. I really don't know what Carrie was singing about but I sure have kissed my share of toads! Anytime I think my plan or idea is better than the one God may have for me is just kissing a toad! Any kind of self serving disobedience is just kissing a toad. But when God brings what looks like a frog in my life and I actually kiss it, I always end up with a princess. They really are not that hard to tell apart. Here is a few obvious helps. They look different, talk differ rent, act different and are found in totally different places. It's the same with toads and frogs or my way and God's way. the shack discussion guide, study guide for the shack, shack discussion topics


heidi jo said...

gosh i love your visuals. who knew that writing a blog could be as effective as writing 'your' book... or moreso? :)

Doni Brinkman said...

Don't forget I need a toad so when they come out I need you to catch me one for a day or so. ;)

heidi jo said...

and just WHAT exactly are you going to do with that toad doni????