Saturday, April 25, 2009


Have you ever watched a movie featuring Zombies? I’ve never watched a Zombie flick that I can think of except for maybe Pirates of the Caribbean, but they were not the traditional Zombies. I started a few times but they bore me. I have never really seen the fascination some have for them, but that’s probably just me. Of course, I never thought getting flu like symptoms, memory loss and a splitting head ache was a very good idea either so I have never been drunk. To each his own I guess. I suppose there is a lot to be said for being a Zombie. Evidently they seldom if ever change clothes or bath or do any personal grooming. Think of the time and money that alone would save. They don’t seem to have much ambition or direction other than making Zombies out of everyone else. I have no idea why. (Does that make them evangelists?) They don’t seem to be having all that much fun so why join them? They do not require food or water, they never get sick or die…well I don’t actually know how that die part works for an undead or living dead person. Sometimes you can get rid of them, sometimes you don’t. I am sure there is some kind of Zombie code some where that would explain all this, but I don’t care enough to google it anyway. (why doesn’t my spell checker recognize google?) Those make believe Zombies don’t scare me or entertain me either so I just don’t bother to watch, besides, I have a pretty good view of some real Zombies that are much more interesting and morbidly entertaining. Of course they don’t call themselves Zombies, they just do a pretty good Zombie impersonation. They really are DEAD but try to act alive. Paul pointed them out in Galatians 2:20. He said “I have been crucified with Christ, yet I live” NO, Paul was not a Zombie because he said he was DIFFERENT in his NEW LIFE. The Zombies I watch are people who, like Paul, say “I have been crucified with Christ yet I live, and then go on living like a dead man. They keep doing what they were doing before and expect different results. (Isn’t that the working definition of crazy?) Like I said, morbidly entertaining. If they really are born again they shouldn’t they be acting like who and what they truly are, a redeemed, indwelt child of God? Zombie living is actually contrary to the new life and nature God has established in a true believer. To disobey is to be a zombie Christian. It is acting out of the dead past instead of the true living present. Since I do not like watching Zombie movies, I shouldn’t want to act like one either! Teh sahck study guide, the shack discussion guide.

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