Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OK this will date me some but I love Mash, (the series). Great actors, one and all. Alan Alda carried the bulk of the weight for the series, but all the characters were lovable in their own way. The final episode was the epitome of what all series ending shows should be. Perfect and true to character, it summed up the series perfectly satisfying the avid fans.

In one episode the good hearted, snobby acting Bostonian surgeon Major Charles Winchester has performed brilliantly (in his humble opinion) on a hand injury to a young soldier. In explaining his surgical brilliance in post opt. to the soldier, he consoles that although the wound was quite serious, he has managed to restore it to near normal function, with only a small loss of dexterity. To Major Winchester the news was great but the patient shows pure pain like he had lost his hand, no gratitude for the glowing report. Confused, Charles probes until the patient confides that before the war he was a concert pianist and now that career is over. Winchester’s well documented love for this kind of music drove him to find new meaning for the destroyed career of the soldier. Part of Winchesters solution was music written for the left hand only. He could still play, teach or conduct. In presenting the music and alternatives to the soldier, he explained his own perspective: The gift for music is not in the hands but in the heart. Winchester confessed that although he personally could play the notes, he would never know the joy of making the music the way the soldier did because he did not possess the gift. Althought her had the gifted hands and heart of a surgeon eh would never be a musician. I was reminded of this twice today. First when I looked at my daughter Doni’s blog pictures of her daughter Tori. The pictures were taken around my home, but the beauty of her pictures far surpasses what is actually there. She has a gift very few others possess. Take a look for yourself at her Pillow post. (it is a dress style) I was reminded again when I read this from Andrew Murray:

“Head-knowledge only gives human thoughts without power. God by His Spirit gives a living knowledge that enters the love of the heart, and works effectually.”

I will never possess the gift of a musician or an artist but I can still have an even greater gift for life and love as I open my heart to all that God has for me. I can live loved and in fellowship and from that be a gift to others.


heidi jo said...


YOU have a gift of fathering... probably because you know the Father. :) I, for one, (though not alone, there are many many others) have been so grateful for your fatherly love!

This is a precious post to me because it also reminds me to dig deep into love. All the gifts of my life are that much sweeter - indescribably sweeter really - when they pour out from that place of living loved in the gifts.

Aimee said...

I agree with Heidi!