Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loss in the family?

It was time to say farewell to a friend this AM. Seems like I have been doing a lot of that of late. Today my treasured bike rode off without me. I say friend because we had some great times together and I did accomplished a life long dream of riding through the Mountains and backroads where I grew up. My dad and I used to ride there together, but never on a bike like this one. It was all I thought it would be and more. We were a perfect fit. And I kept my promise too. I never pushed it to the critical edge flirtering with whatever it is you flirt with when your doing something really stupid. The fellow who road it away had been dreaming of owning one for 15 years, so I know they will be happy together. If you think a motorcycle cannot be happy you have never ridden one down Yarnell hill. People come from hundreds of miles around to ride that nine mile decent from the pine to the desert flats in a oneness with their bike that is never felt on the broad strait roads of city life. But Definitely the motorcycle is smiling because in those curves the bike and rider become one. Together they do something that neither could accomplish by themselves. In the oneness each has a sense of satisfaction in fulfilling their individual be ONE. If that sounds to romanticized to be true, consider this. The gap between me and the motorcycle is not nearly so great as the gulf between me and God. We are the created, He is the creator. He is God. We are not. Yet HE invites me to become one with Him...infinite as the gap is...and when I do, in those twists and turns of life, I smile knowing in the center of my being that for this I was created. I may never own another bike but I can still know a oneness that thrills me to the core of my being. I'd reccomend that ride to everyone!

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heidi jo said...

romantic indeed... but you're certainly not the first or last man to feel that about his motorcycle. :)