Thursday, April 2, 2009


Without a doubt the American Dream has been the greatest social accomplishment by any society in the history of man. NO empire or civilization has come close to realizing the potential or prosperity of this great social experiment based on Christian morals and principles. Don’t bother to argue with me about this. I am really irritated that the ignorant masses who never read anything but listen to the revisionist historians and blindly follow their agenda of doom. I sympathize President Jefferson’s lament that the blood of patriots and tyrants must be mixed to keep the democracy going…but I KNOW something the masses do not know. It HAS to be this way. This is exactly what I have expected all of my life. It is exactly what Jesus said would be happening. I know some of you are arguing in your head that preachers have been saying this for the past 100 years and the end is not yet. But have you read what they read and wrote at the time? They were PROJECTING what was soon to happen…and they got it exactly right. The difference is NOW it has already happened. Israel is a nation and has been for a generation+. Everything including the initial red heifer for sacrifice is ready for the temple and some is at the foot of the temple Mount. A potential type of mark of the beast is now being done on animals, complete with tracking systems. You can put it on your child if you want. A one world banking system of Revelation order has been in place for years and the G20 conference going on right now is talking of using a different standard than the US Dollar. Not surprising, Russia and China are making a case for it. (According to John's Revelation, they are the two big players in the end). There is a lot more but that is enough for me. I KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. No, I don’t like it but yes, I guess I really do. My problem is what to do with KNOWING. Like Nickolas Cage in KNOWING I want to pull everyone off the train, but they don’t want to get off. You can see the clip at


heidi jo said...

do you have any good reading recommendations on the subject (of course, the Bible :) hee hee... but something that helps tie together the pieces of history, real life today, current events, today's countries, and what the Bible says about end times? i know there are tons of sources out there but i bet i'm not the only one who struggles when it's time to weed through it all

Don Z said...

Heidi, start by going to and search "end times". look through the specific answers to the hundreds of questions listed there. They have some good references books available for further reading.

heidi jo said...

well, along with good stuff out there are some kooks too... and there are those who write in such a way that i'd have to have multiple phd's to 'get' them... i just wondered if you had a favorite author/article/book... i'll check out that site and see where it leads me in the meantime. :)