Friday, April 24, 2009

Parking Lot Vultures

When I was a kid growing up on the High Desert in California I was facinated by the vulture migration. Early fall would see a winding black ribbon high in the sky from horizon to horizon, north to south. The ribbon of Turkey Vultures would take a week to pass by our area. At sunset the vultures would drop in altitude, do a couple 360's above the only trees in our area down at the Mojave River and settle into the naked brances for the evening. Vultures are not early risers. In the morning you could see them, wings extended, warming up sunshine. They would resume their migration mid morning. I assume their flight plan followed the river becasue of the water and roosting trees. Not all migrated, I don't know why. Some just stayed in our area and could often be seen circling on the updrafts looking for some morsel provided by a motorist. They make really lousy pets too. I caught one once but it smelled so bad I turned it loose the next day. I was reminded of this today at the Doctors office parking lot. I pulled in and dropped Deanna off at the door and was heading for the parking tower when a car pulled out from a space right in front of me. Naturally I jumped into the space, locked up and started heading for the office. A woman rolled in from behind me and complained that she had been waiting for that space to open up. She was sort of upset. WHERE she was waiting was a mystery to me. She was no where around when the space opened up. I was the only car there. She was circling the lot and had gone past the space and was doubling back to get it when it opened in front of me. I started to get irritate...take that back...I got irritated and did the worst thing I could think of. I looked straight at her and said "if it's that important to you, I will move" She protested but I got back in my car while she drove around the lot again and this time scored on her spot. I have never understood the mentality of the parking lot Vultures. I understand the medical reasons, but that is why they have handicap plates and spots. I learned years ago it is far easier and more healthy to just park and walk. Usually I am in the store long before they are parked. Personally, were I in charge of Wal-mart, post progressive "calories burned" signs on the light posts. The farther out you park, the more calories you burn. I might even put in a few signs close to the building that explained if your sitting here waiting for a parking spot you are pollutting the air. Park it and walk! I'll bet the next time you think of circling the lot looking for a space you will wonder if you are a parking lot vulture. Go ahead and circle. No one is watching, no one really cares, their inside shopping. Note to Beck: It is ok. You are not a vulture, you have a reason to park close, you have premission to circle as many times as you want looking for the perfect spot, long as I am not in the car. :)

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heidi jo said...

i guess you can let aunt beck out at the door and park for her. :)