Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No way, your not going to bring home another mutt and I don't care if it is a registered Lab from hunting stock. I do NOT want another dog. I said it and I really meant it....sort of .... He was already here, he was cute in a puppy way so he stayed...for just a while...You have to understand that Deanna has NEVER allowed dogs in the house, and I have had a few really good ones. (the one exception was Missy and Barkley, two mini poodles Doni had just before she and Jim got married) They left with her. Michelle and Dusty were not officially engaged yet but they insisted it would be goin gto their house, yea, like newly weds could afford a house with a yard! Well, Gunner stayed and was always found in the house when Dusty and or Michelle was there. Funny thing, Deanna let Gunner stay in the house, originally becasue it was important to Michelle and later he was STILL in the house when the kids were not around. She never insisted on moving him out. He turned out to be a great hunting dog, calm but really eager. He is an even better house dog. Totally obedient by nature. He wants to please and will do whatever he understands you want him to do. I don't ever remeber getting after him for anything in the house. No rough housing, just lay on the tile or at your feet companion dog. He finally ended up sleeping in the house every night and when I was gone I think Dee actually liked it. Unfortuantely for us, Michell and Dusty DID get a really nice house with a dog yard so Gunner did go to live with them. I do miss him, but I guess this is better. (ok that is sour grapes but my other choice is to try to steal him) He was close to becoming a premanent feature in the house. I had him inside far more than he wanted to be inside! Why did Dee let gunner in? I like the way Andrew Murray puts it: Obedience is essential. At the very root of the relation of a creature to his God, and of God admitting the creature to His fellowship, lies the thought of obedience. I really wish I was a lot more like Gunner


heidi jo said...

relate your spiritual insights to dogs and you'll ALWAYS reel me in. i love gunner. he teaches us good lessons - but he is GORGEOUS too. i want him. can i steal him too? (i secretly hope you get him back. if i come to visit this fall - like i'm planning to ;) -i'll help you steal him... but shhh - don't tell anyone. mum's the word.) ;)

Doni Brinkman said...

I am glad he left. If he was in the house for 30 seconds my allergies would start up. I can't be within 20 feet of that dog for some reason.