Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Fruit of Life

A couple of years ago Deanna and I took our trip of a lifetime. We drove to the East coast in mid October to see the sights and colors of fall. It was a warm fall and the colors had not really changed yet so we altered our route out of Chicago and headed to upstate New York. The colors were spectacular! Everything was new to us but one really big surprise was in the grape vineyards surrounding Lake Erie. The grapes announced their presence long before we knew they were there. The grape harvesters were actively picking the huge clusters of purple grapes, hidden by huge leaves from vines that were taller than me. The vineyards went on for miles and miles. Somewhere along the way we parked the car and walked among the grapes to the Cliff's edge that overlooked Lake Erie. The aroma was hypnotic. For a moment time was suspended and we were transported back to our childhood days. The moist lake air was heavy with the aroma of what smelled like to us, the grape soda pops we were so fond of as children. Personally, I was transported back to a church camp in the mountains of California where my mother volunteered as a cook. In my grape induced memory I was standing in front of a vending machine that offered bottled grape soda. It was like I was there yesterday, not 50 years ago. I can still see it today...and my mom who I have not seen in nearly 25 years. Those vines proudly declared exactly what they were to anyone who came remotely close. They are permanently and pleasantly em pressed in my memory. It must have been a similar day when Jesus told his disciples that he was the vine and they were the branches and that they should bear much fruit. The fruit is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Patience and Self Control. When people come near an authentic disciple of Christ, they should experience the aroma of the fruit. The air should be heavy with it. Your life is a vineyard too. What fruit would others say you are producing?

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heidi jo said...

'hearing' you describe childhood memories and grape soda reminds me of a Cindy Morgan song called Grape Soda Sundays - it's cute - you should give it a listen.