Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sin Rains?

Jim and Tori at Christmas

I know it is said to bring bad luck to open an umbrella in a building but I opened one on Sunday morning. I was already sick, Dee and Tori had been to the hospital already and there was a plethora of other problems around so I figured it couldn't do all that much more damage. I did it to make the point that sin does rain / reign on the earth an the object is not to avoid the rain, but stay under the umbrella Jesus is holding for you. Since Jesus became sin on the cross and broke sins power over us through his resurrection, Sin has no hold on us...really. The real culprit is independent living or more poetically, leaving the protection of the umbrella. If you pay attention to staying under the umbrella, the rest takes care of itself.

There is more to say here but Tanner and Ty just arrived. Jim is on his way to the hospital to pick up Doni and Tori. Thanks for praying.

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Brenda B said...

Does that mean that Tori is coming home?