Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you have spent any time near Jody and Ryker it is pretty easy to tell that Ryker is totally in love with mommy and vice versa. Actaully the same could be said of Doni and Tori, Brooke and Braxton and Aimee and Zane, but I don't have the pics. Babies just love and trust mom. I wish I was more like a baby sometimes. I don't understand me very well. With all I know and have seen I would think that I would have a near perfect love and trust for God right now. God has done so much to PROVE His love and care. For example Deanna and I both take the same BP meds but they are getting really expensive. We have been going to Mexico to get them cheaper but have not had an opportunity lately and we were almost out of meds. I decided I would just let God supply the meds or not take them. I know it sounds really dumb but it seemed reasonable at the time. Anyway when we had pills left for a couple days, Father delivered enough pills to last a lot longer. These pills were the same script but twice the dosage. We just figured we would cut them in half. Funny how God supplies. Deanna saw a new Dr today doing follow up on her kidney cancer from 04. He noticed her BP was a little higher than he liked and doubled her prescription to EXACTLY what God supplied a few days ago. His nurse gave us a sample bottle that was what we were already given. I thought I was going to cut them in half. God knew what the new prescription would be. Is that amazing or what? While sitting in the doctors office I was reading Wayne Jacobsen's (Contributor to and publisher of The Shack)HE LOVES ME. I need tothis to burn into my soul: pg 93

But fear isn't in God's nature. He fears nothing. Thus his own holiness is not produced by his fear, but by his love. In face, fear cannot produce the holiness God wants to share with us. It is incapable of doing so. for God to transform us to be like him, he must expel our fear and teach us the wonder of living in his love.


Doni Brinkman said...

I could afford to memorize that too.

Laurie said...

It IS just like God to provide exactly the right dosage just when you needed it! I wonder how long it will take me to totally trust that He will always take care of my every need? I have seen Him do it so often and yet I still worry about every day life. you think He is gonna have to get out the brick to drop on my head so I finally get it? LOL