Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today is my Grandfather, Max Zimmermann's Birthday. If my math and memory is correct he was born in 1893 in Vienna, Austria and immigrated to California just prior to WWI. I remembered this while visiting with him by sitting in the attic just going through his old Diary. I found where my father was hospitalized the first time for what turned out to be a serious heart problem that retired him from work at age 37. There is a treasure of family history here that I would like to share. I have them from the early forties to the mid 70's. The scan above is from his 1943 diary, If you click on the picture you will be able to read it clearly and see that it was his birthday. He taped in a note from his daughter Elsie. The birthday note says: May you keep your youth in thenext fifty years as well as yu have kept it in the past fifty. Of course you must admit that wehhave done a good deal in keeping you active--we've really kept you st(???) They say its a great life if you don't weaken, and it seems as though you haven't. Thanks from us...oh yeah. . She would have been in her mid teens at the time. My mother loved that great life line too, she used it a lot. She dropped by the attic for a minuite too, They didn't say, but I know they are all doing fine, probably involved in some last minuite preperations for an inaguration. It is interesting to see how he celebrated his 50th birthday. He sat at his desk, (pictured above), studied, sent out mail, went to the county jail in LA and led Kyth Gemmill to the Lord and then to the county hospital to visit the wounded soldiers. He handed out three stacks of Gideon NT's and gospels. The next day he went back to the jail to take discipleship material to Mr. Gemmill and to the TB ward in the hospital. I don't know if they celebrate birthday's in heaven, but I held my own celebration in the attic. Wish you could have been there, it was heavenly!

Note to the family: I do not consider any of Grandpa's papers or diaries to be my personal possession. I am just the keeper.I would be happy to give any of them to anyone who wanted them or look up any date and scan the days journal for you. All the births, marriages, etc are there. I do not have 100% of them but will share what I have. Don't be hesitent t ask, I love the visits and I'd love to take you with me.


Doni Brinkman said...

Actually, wouldn't it be totally fun if you just posted random diary entries often so that we could ALL share? I love this!!!

heidi jo said...

precious precious precious